The origins of the estate Reale


As shown in the book of the Blessed Father Paolo Montaldi Bacchae (of which shows some tracks), the cellar of the Royal Boselli Gonzaga was already famous in the eighteenth century. But according to the narration done in the same volume, the winery there in 1442.

In 1770, he says, as I was then doll about ten years, my father Ava Sunday marks them born April 4, 1634, not far from Montaldo, going beyond the Campagnola said Montaldo, took my hand and come to that Montaldo, if you make a cross with the common way, which sometimes goes by the Borghetto, and Velez, and another neighborhood that is the ‘houses of Boselli Montaldo, and goes to the small house and cellar de Delain ‘Boselli Montaldi family was established there in Montaldo, as there is a will, and Division de’ notarized them his property July 6, 1532 by Mr. Augustine Masti Notaro of the Volta, on occasion, that a dwelling Pellegrino Francesco Delbono Boselli Time to dispose of ‘its stable will in favor of’ his heirs, making the following description:

A field planted with vines in the district of Reale with six rows of vines below them the first brothers Montaldi, and Francesco Delbono Boselli other.

A piece of arable land slipped away, part mountains and woods, with all its reasons in the district from the Valley below Ceresa Francesco Delbono Boselli with the first, and brothers from other Montaldi.

A piece of land under vine in the district of the furnaces below them the first brothers Montaldi, the common path from the second and the third Boselli brothers Delbono.

Another piece of land in the district of Dugal below Francesco Delbono Boselli brothers and Montaldi.

Professed nun

Knights of the Militia, owner of Abbot S. Lucia and Canon of the Collegiate Church of St. Insigne Stefano di Casalmaggiore.

For Giuseppe Braglia

Family crest

We could not miss, in the context of news pertaining wine in question, the creation of an evocative label that best expresses the aristocrats of the content shown.

And given that more than six centuries, is from 1442, Cantine Boselli insist on the territory of the moraine hills valances, it was thought appropriate to give the evolution of a royal estate and the new born, the sign of the incorruptible family crest, whose origins are lost in the mists of time.

Speaking of arms in order to discuss means of a ritual character and historical symbolism of great charm and tradition. If you consider how it penetrates and effectively expresses the concept of nobility and expands the contents to a universal membership, you can get a sense of a proposal that relies on two separate projects:

  • Claiming through the symbol and the essence of a quality product research rigorous and meaningful looks to the future;

  • Export the product culturally tying the mark that represents it and the name that identifies it.

The emblem is in fact in this case the vehicle is not only a further condition of pleasantness, color and visual, but a strong suggestion of true cultural reference. It will be remembered as a literary-aesthetic impact to rely on a time family coat of arms, a sign of social status, origin, status, privilege. So unique that now as then we can adequately sum up the characteristics of a live model, and eager to succeed.

Here then is that on a green, surmounted by a crest in the nascent bull with red cape and helmet, stands overpowering an armed knight riding a raging bull, a sign of meekness and hard work, but also anger that can permeate the moment not be taken all due respect, as exemplified by the motto that accompanies it:


The reference culture is strong and significant reading of the metaphor, bearing witness to a search that does not separate the symbols on the specific content relating to that product, now, look with hope to the critical assessment of the consumer.

The hope is that the gold star that shines in the shield trained to dashing knight whose arms stand bullies in the sky, not to shine early light in the firmament of wine borrowed not only from Mantua.

Giancarlo Malacarne

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